Reportage Kathi & Basti

Last April we had the chance to accompany the wedding of Kathi & Basti at Gut Rehbach in Haßloch which really was a bunch of fun. Beside meeting some great new characters - both of us enjoyed documentating this event into the night. Thanks for having us and all the best for you three cheesecakes - stay tuned.

New Work Online

New work online - we just updated some new documentary series to our people gallery which emerged during our last trips to Unguja, Tanzania and Barcelona, Spain. We also have some more plans for this summer and are currently at the conception of several ongoing projects. There also are some open submissions as well and we are really looking forward the next weeks. The creative kitchen is cooking - stay tuned!

Wedding Festival

After some weeks of postprduction we are glad to show some insights of the wedding we shot in September this year. Even the weather was not on our side this day we really were delighted about being part of this wonderful and funny wedding with the original slogan called "festival". We enjoyed the day with Sissa & Phil and it was a great experience shooting with them through this spectacular and non usual celebration. At this point we wish you two all the best - keep on rockin'. For the ones who are interested and would like to see some more - check out our wedding portfolio and feel free to contact us for more information.

Unguja, Tanzania

This November we had the chance to make a great journey to probably one of the most awesome places of this planet. The trip has been very interesting and emotional for us and we had the chance to get known to some really warm hearted and open minded people over there. Also there have been a lot of oppurtunities for us to have a insight to the Swahili culture and their friendly way of living. The trip defininetely had been an enrichment to us and we are glad to call some guys our new friends - see you again. New work coming soon.

Artwork Installations

Last weekend we visited the two medical offices in Vilsbiburg, lower Bavaria where some of our artworks are permanently installed. It is really awesome for us to get impressed by those printed works everytime we get there. At this point we definitely want to thank Ulrike & Matthias so much for the great support they are giving us and their choice to get some of our works as a printed version at their places.

Commerzbank - Thjnk Hamburg

In the end of December 2015 we have been shooting a documentation of the Commerzbank in Stuttgart for Thjnk Hamburg. We implemented the project together with Andreas Schier and had a nice time on set together. Thanks for getting us on board. Here are some little impressions. 


Ben & Lisi's Wedding

This September we have been shooting a lovely wedding of Benjamin & Elisabeth in northern Germany. We really enjoyed being a part of their special day and wish them all the best on their further way. Even some weather issues we all had a nice time together and we are glad about the results. For the ones who are interested here are some little impressions. Thanks for sharing your awesome day with us.