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Structures, 2018

The series "Structures" was developed during a journey to Denmark in late 2018, again. After capturing our series "Dunes" two years earlier - we tried to abstract the elements into it's basic details. We confounded the perspectives by reducing relevant reference points to a minumum which can be seen by spectating the whole body of work as ensemble.

We tried to clarify the question about the spectator’s perspective by only showing up little details in some single works of the series which also straighten the impact as macrocosm. Approaching the slighty yellow and orange tones of the sand - underlining the different structures by an already low standing sun - we have been able to capture some quite interesting and unique shots which keeps the spectator’s view of sight in it’s own & special way.

- Matte print concealed on a 3mm Alu-Dibond plate -


Dunes, 2016

"Dunes" is a body of work which was taken during a journey to Rømø, Denmark in May 2016. During our stay we were influenced by several typical northern elements and the dunes as one of them soon took our full attention.

Towards the typical known exposures showing dunes in the whole scenery our intention was to capture the determining characters in detail. As another technical element we used a minor double exposure to clarify the variety of those little hills and arouse a slightly feel of the continuous changing texture given by the prevalent tides.

The simplicity combined with the slight yellow and green accents are shaping this series to a very natural and documentary body of work and transmit the impression as it has been in the original.

- Matte print concealed on a 3mm Alu-Dibond plate -


Treetops, 2016

The series "Treetops" was taken in the early months of spring above South Germany in 2016. The longer planned project already started in 2014 when the first concepts of an additional aerial series were set.

Against "Deserts" and "Greenland" our inspiration was to documentate the surface of a fertile area in an abstracted way - especially from the same perspective as we translated our earlier shot aerial series. Finally we decided for early spring to get started with the project to capture a maximum of diversity regarding the trees.

The awesome relief of those powerful colours in combination with the setting sun exactly brought us those wonderful captured and exceptional moments.

- Matte print concealed on a 3mm Alu-Dibond plate -



Deserts, 2015

"Deserts" is a body of work which was created during a journey through Egypt we made in the beginning of 2015. The idea was based on the Greenland series which was developed some years earlier.

Once again we tried to capture an unique and nearly uninhabitable region of our planet in a more abstract and graphic way like it is usually known from paintings. The aerial perspective allowed us to transfer the huge wideness of this whole area in an impressive way.

Although we used many similar visual elements "Deserts" - in some parts - substantially turned out to be exact opposite of what we did with "Greenland" two years before. Especially the slightly flows of yellow, orange & red tones convey the warm feeling of this epic - and for sure - unique place of this planet.

- Matte print concealed on a 3mm Alu-Dibond plate -



Islands, 2014

The series "Islands" was captured during a very calm and clear summerday around the area of Strømsholmen, Norway in 2014. Already before we were starting our journey we have been considering about having our photographical focus on the ocean and it's different moods.

After we sorted our first impressions from this beautiful - but also partly rough landscapes we intensified our interests to dedicate ourselves almost entirely to the element of water.

During our surveys we also captured some more different visual elements. The final results turned out to be a very calm and pure composition of a little piece of land with some few green accents in the middle of a deep blue nowhere.

- Print concealed between 3mm Alu-Dibond & a 4mm acrylic glass plate -



Ocean, 2014

"Ocean" is a body of work which also was created in Norway in 2014. As it is named the series approaches our oceans. We tried to capture it in a visual similiar and a bit more reduced way than the "Islands". 

By capturing the different surfaces of the sea we attempt to transmit the many different forms the ocean can have which also buildes a brigde to the series "Water". Towards the "Water" series the obeserver already suggests the oceanas the substance as an ensemble by the first view but also is less concrete than the series "Islands".

- Print concealed between 3mm Alu-Dibond & a 4mm acrylic glass plate -



Water, 2014

"Water" is the most abstracted body of work we created on our trip in Norway. After we stepwise tried to abstract the element water into it's visual components in an monochrome way - the single works of this series transmit a pleasant feeling of an endless deep blue.

On the first view the pothotograhic attributes are not really visible and the view needs some time to match the different parts. By observing the whole series the spectator slowly is leaded to the element on his own.

- Print concealed between 3mm Alu-Dibond & a 4mm acrylic glass plate -



Jungle, 2013

The "Jungle" series was realized on a journey to Tobago in summer 2013. The Main Ridge Forest Reserve is counted to one of the oldest preserve areas of the world and a really impressing place where nature still is unaffected by humans.

While we were carrying our equipment upwards a river course - basically searching for one of the hidden waterfalls inside this forest - we headed many different and impressive spots and have been very affected by the organic beauty which surrounded us after some hours of walking.

Branches and leafs passing their way like the veins of ourselves totally encased us and the intense green color of the leafs even upon our heads finally made us part of this wonderful place. We grabbed our equipment out of the water resistant bags and began capturing the work which now is our "Jungle" series. 

- Print concealed between 3mm Alu-Dibond & a 4mm acrylic glass plate -



Greenland, 2013

“Greenland” was taken during a trip to the United States in 2013. After leaving Iceland behind there were the first floes which indicated to get closer to the next mainland.

Even going by plane it took about half an hour until the first icy mainland showed up. What really impressed me was the extremely wide and silent desert full of ice and snow and I have been wondering what was happening there about thousand feet below the plane.

The white surface slowly changed it’s textures from time to time after it got covered by the grey clouds again but the impressive feeling of what discovered for that moment still holds on until today.


- Matte print concealed on a 3mm Alu-Dibond plate -